Alfredo Rapetti. Re-writing Lives


What is the role of a contemporary artist and how should he face the society where he lives as a witness of his time? Alfredo Rapetti Mogol is probably not asking himself these kinds of questions. He prefers to experience a personal communication code which represents a division between the finite and infinite, between spirit and substance, between reason and emotion. His paintings are based on a universal script appearing without logic, but rich in theorethical, anthropological and aesthetic references.

“Writing is considered as a way of thinking in continuous evolution”, writes the artist, “like an imprint or a testimony of human being”. His creations involve us in a multitude of emotions. The materials which he uses remind us of “informal moments” and create a mirage of colours where the stroke leads towards other dimensions and becomes an emotional imprint on the mind. “This stroke voluntarily loses its letteral meaning and turns into something more primitive and universally accessible.

Thoughts linked to contemporary time, connected messages, wounds which will never heal. His “antiwriting” rielaborates and glorifies all of these in a non-conventional way. “Writing as record of human DNA”. Alfredo Rapetti Mogol knows that it is enough to give a name to something so that it exists. But for him it isn’t enough. He tries to re-write not only his story but the story of man.

Nov 23rd, 2013 – Jan 26th, 2014