Henri Cartier-Bresson. Photographer


An anthological exhibition that tells the story of ‘Decisive Moments’ that marked the artistic life of a figure born to steal capture images in time that would grow to bear witness, in an absolutely personal way, to moments that would become historical, mythological and memorable.

Enterprise, instinct, foresight and that bit of luck that favours the bold: Henri Cartier-Bresson was sure that a few shots dedicated to the event, would be enough to discovering its importance through the essence of what would otherwise be just fragments. The French artist was able to perceive the energy of a place, the uniqueness of a moment, the eloquence of a posture. But above all in his DNA, he had the ability to foresee the moment, a bit like animals with their perceptive instincts, to wait for the great visual jolt, and archive it permanently in the memory of his inseparable Leica.

Jun 22nd – Nov 3rd, 2013