ROBERT DOISNEAU. A l’imparfait de l’objectif


ROBERT DOISNEAU. A l’imparfait de l’objectif

Lu.C.C.A. – Lucca Center of Contemporary Art, Lucca

8 July – 12 November 2017

curated by Maurizio Vanni

Scenes of crazy and extraordinary normalcy: figures photographed while doing what they perhaps have done hundreds of times, when they are about to do something apparently unusual or while they are actually doing it. Everything seems to be dynamic and slow, past and present, sad and ironic, evocative and moving, memorial and premonitory, bright and blurry, perfect in its imperfection. Robert Doisneau tells the true story of Paris, the story of its suburbs and outskirts, of its most humble and truer characters, and of stolen kisses or kisses extorted with gentleness. In his photographs the location is never a mere setting, but something that always dialogues with the characters, even when it is not in focus: the city reveals itself in all its splendor even when it assumes consistency through the contrast between light and shadow. 

The French photographer tries to catch the right image – he loved to use the verb “to catch” instead of “to chase” because he felt that patience is a fundamental virtue –, he moves with the awareness that the atypical can be anywhere, that the imperfect may hide even behind an old door. The fundamental thing is to perceive it, foresee it and wait for it. The elderly become a non-place to investigate, a memory to record, a context – like the bistro or the banks of the Seine – that at any time can proffer the fortuitous atypical, catapulting us into a strangely familiar and common dimension: that of normal, wonderfully imperfect people. There are urban characters and places that, although not answering to particular aesthetic dictates, can result maieutic and attractive. Their unique charm probably lies in being imperfect. We admire the beautiful, but we grow fond of something that astounds us for its vigor and expressive force. The perfect is exalted in the imperfect because our attention is focused on emotions and gestures. Doisneau has discovered the secret of life by recurring to human truth in its beautiful discrepancies and imperfections

Robert Doisneau. A l’imparfait de l’objectif
Lu.C.C.A. – Lucca Center of Contemporary Art, Lucca
8 July – 12 November 2017
curated by Maurizio Vanni
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