ROBERT HROMEC. Hands of Light


From 7th October to 2nd November 2014

Lu.C.C.A. Lounge & Underground


The hand expresses the idea of activity, the concept of a regal emblem, an instrument of authority, power and domination. In the languages of the Far East, the hand is associated with actions tied to spiritual reception and the interior experience of a microcosm that escapes spatial and temporal conditioning. Robert Hromec, even before adding signs and symbols and areas of colour to a surface considered partially active, appropriates a space, one that is more mental than physical, transforming it into the dimension of the here and now, where the composition opens up before our eyes like an enigma to be deciphered.

The ritual dances of South Asia are called hand dancing (Mudra) not only because of the movements and shapes they inscribe in space, but also for their position with relation to the rest of the body. Hromec often uses the symbolism of hands, their different posing, the different positioning of the fingers and their relationship with space and each other. In an almost obsessive way, the hands turn into existential traces, cerebral impressions that seem to want to express something primordial and magical.

Hands that welcome, hands that take, hands that indicate, hands that distinguish, hands that close, hands that reassure, hands that teach, hands that tell within an explosion of light, colourful gestures and refracting elements. Hromec’s hands are hands that shine, bringing light and knowledge, but only to those who know how to give themselves also to something that has no direct or rational meaning.

Maurizio Vanni