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From 2 December 2017 to 4 February 2018

curated by Maurizio Vanni

For Domeniconi, creating art is a conquest. A conflict fought for emotional survival. A shining inner clash that leads him not to settle for a mere emulation of nature. Art is a means to cross and retrace time transversely, from his own childhood, when he encountered chess for the first time, to his quest to transform his awareness into an expressive and propelling tool. Never aiming to be a social commentary, his works represent instead a moment of reflection, an act of meditation, illustrate the thirst for knowledge and self-knowledge, offer a visual proposition tethered to multiple perceptual levels that we may well consider esoteric, embedded as it is with signs and symbols that reach far beyond their direct iconographic value.

Hence, Domeniconi’s paintings are void of precise environmental references and hover in timelessness. They do not allude to anything mysterious or, at the very least, to the mystification of reality through “forced” images. His works highlight the hidden bonds that cannot be called by name and that cannot be described explicitly and fully. They are links that can only be perceived by the imagination of those who wish to take part in the game.

Simone Domeniconi was born in Carpi, Emilia Romagna, on 19 May 1972. Very early on, he shows a gift for poetry that blossoms in high school and leads him to win prestigious awards, including the International Prize San Domenichino and the Apuane Alps Award.
At the same time, Domeniconi writes, paints, organizes events and measures himself with artists and intellectuals. In particular, he spends time at the studio of American painter Robert Carroll and at the studio of the Maestro and professor at the Carrara Fine Arts Academy, Fabio Grassi.
Following his figurative debut and some experimentation, his one-of-a-kind research in painting turns towards an “aesthetic narrative” inspired by the game of chess, a quest that is eliciting a growing interest even internationally.
He currently lives and works in Versilia, Tuscany.
Several critics and art historians have written essays about Domeniconi, including Luciano Caprile, Maurizio Vanni, Robert Carroll, Penesta Dika and Giovanni Faccenda.

Lu.C.C.A. Lounge&Underground
From 2 December 2017 to 4 February 2018
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