Time After Time. Piero Gilardi, Steve McCurry


Plotinus affirms that the existence of time is a form of imperfect reality; God in His perfection exists outside of time. The individual from the moment of birth lives immersed in a river that flows around him; it is the river of objective time connected to the flow of one’s own self-awareness. No reality related to man can be considered eternal and no situation can be counterpoised to the flow of chronological time.

Jean-Paul Sartre writes that time results from the effacing function of the social self, and for this reason the temporal dimension corresponds to a continual fleeing from the self, towards awareness of the human self, of the enterprising and undisguised individual. Our same self-awareness is connected to the thought of the infinite, to the possibility of dimensional transitions for investigating the beyond. Our possibilities, in this case, could not exist if they were not connected to the continuity of profound experience and to the concept of existential time.

At the same time we can turn to understanding the era in which we live (chronological time), or test, in a lucid state of grace free of tangible spatial-temporal references, other dimensions in which reality is experienced through non-conventional (existential time) perspectives.

The exhibition “Piero Gilardi – Steve McCurry. Time after Time” begins with the presupposition that each individual, whatever his historical moment, can have both an objective and subjective relationship with time. The two artists display their enterprising spirit, reflecting on the concept of time that passes and dissolves, but at the same time, blocking or re-creating fragments of life, manifesting dimensions of a time without time. The two artists manage to bring about a lucid and solemn dance of time that suggests to us how human action can be conditioned by the more or less controllable flow of events.

Jul 10th – Sep 5th, 2010